JAG recognizes the challenges owners face to renovate existing buildings and make a profit. We believe that rehabilitating existing buildings into new uses, that are economically viable can be done at low costs to the owner and we set our fees accordingly. Our goal is to increase the flexibility, capacity and sustainability of your existing building at the lowest possible cost.


JAG Architects specializes in the re-purposing of existing buildings and uses available resources to come up with the best building solutions. We applaud the significance of historic architectural details, while remaining attentive to modern innovation, and working toward the ideal marriage of the past and the present.


We are devoted to helping our clients achieve the vision of their building projects. That starts with listening and observing; gaining a thorough understanding, and absorbing all of the information available that illuminates that vision. Once understanding is achieved, it becomes the knowledge base we look at from an architect's perspective, to shed new light on what the real possibilities of the project might be. That's where true collaboration begins.